1. Pre-Reconstruction

American Colonial experience, the development of government and politics, the growth and division of the U.S. from 1820-1877. (Manifest destiny, Civil War, Indian Policy)

2. The Growth of Industry

Industry, transportation, communication, big business, immigration, and metropolitan cities. The impact of industry on the American way of life in the late 19th and early 20th century.

3. Social Reform

Reform movements and their leaders at the turn of the 20th century. Unions, progressives, socialism, Populist party, and early 20th century civil rights activist.

4. Imperialism and WWI

The causes and effects of the Spanish American war, as well as the impact of World War I on the United States at home and abroad.

5. 1920's Social Change

How the United States coped with the rapid technological and economic advancements, as well as the experience of African Americans and women in the early 20th century.

6. The Great Depression & FDR's New Deal

Causes and impact of the Great Depression on the U.S. and the purpose and effects of the New Deal, including the shift of power from state to federal government.


The Causes, course, and consequences of the U.S.'s role in World War II. War time life on the home front, and how the rules of war changed.

8. The Cold War Era

Post WWII goals of the U.S. and USSR. Ideology of the U.S.'s involvement in Asia, the political, social and economic reactions to the Cold War in the U.S. Also, the end of the Cold War and America's role in the changing world.

9. Modern America - Human Rights and Culture

How the Civil Rights movement affected American society. The impact of the counter culture since the 1960's anti-Vietnam war movement.

10. Contemporary America

The Economy of the contemporary United States, including: Reagonomics, the impact of the the internet, globalization, environmentalism, and international terrorism.